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Indian Ocean Cruises

Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world. This mighty ocean is scattered with beautiful Islands which include; Mauritius, Seychelles, Mayotte, Reunion and Madagascar. Madagascar is the largest Island in the Indian Ocean and fourth-largest in the world. If you Spend your holidays on the Indian Ocean cruises, you are bound to make a difference of a lifetime. There are many unspoilt beaches full of palm trees and white sand where you will relax peacefully as you watch the blue sea waters.

You can discover the Islands by sailing with one of the Indian Ocean cruises or by a fly cruise to all places of your interest. Madagascar gained independence in 1960. It was a French colonial empire. This Island has unique plants which are found nowhere else in the world. Over 12,000 plant species have been recorded in this Island. About 80 percent of the flora and fauna are endemic.

Poaching and exploitation by humans has continued to threaten the Island for years. This country is the world largest producer of vanilla. The country national parks, unique bio diversity and virgin habitats and beaches are the major tourist attraction. This is the only place where the remains of the elephant bird (the largest bird that ever lived on earth) have been discovered.

The Island of Seychelles is located on the northeast of Madagascar. This island country has a population of 84,000 people. The Seychelles comprises of 115 islands, 41 of these are the oldest mid-oceanic granite islands on earth. The rest form the low-lying coral strolls of the outer islands. A visit to the Seychelles Islands will give you an opportunity to see the Aldabla Giant Tortoise population ( the world largest population). Over 75 endemic plant species have been recorded here and a variety of Orchids. Seychelles have the largest seabird colonies in the world and over 1,000 different types of fish.

Mauritius, located south-east of Africa includes the islands of Agalega, Carajos and Rodrigues. Mauritius is part of the Mascarene and the Reunion islands. About 90 percent of the county land is used for sugarcane crop production. Tourist activities here include sea diving, mountain biking, deer hunting, surfing, deep-sea fishing, horse riding, trekking among many other activities.

Most of the Indian Ocean cruises are excellent. Many ships have swimming pools, restaurants terraces and entertainment. Depending on your holiday duration, you will know which cruise to go for. Experience a holiday with a difference as you stop to various deserted islands as you stay in bungalows built above the sea.

Both Cunard and P&O cruises provides cruises from southampton to the Indian Ocean. Azamara and crystal cruises sail to the Indian Ocean from Singapore and africa

Indian Ocean Holidays

Choosing a holiday destination for your next big outing can often be the most difficult part of planning a trip, mainly because it takes time and effort to find that perfect spot which meets all your expectations and requirements. But there are a few holiday destinations that will always prove to be the best choices for planning a holiday with your loved ones. The Indian Ocean islands of Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives and Sri Lanka are excellent examples of such places. Not only are these island nations absolutely gorgeous, they also offer everything that you will need in order to have a tropical holiday of a lifetime. Here are 5 reasons why Tropical destinations are always the best holiday spots;

1) Year-Round Destinations

You can plan a luxury holiday to Indian Ocean destinations any time, as these places enjoy pleasant and warm temperatures almost throughout the year. It never gets too hot or too cold thanks to a temperate weather and consistent rainfall.

2) Luxury Resorts

Along with stunning natural beauty, these Indian Ocean islands are also famous for their opulent resorts, with majority of them located on the coastlines. They offer some of the most luxurious accommodation options and fantastic wellness facilities for the ultimate relaxation experience. Moreover, there are excellent resort options for all kinds of travellers, from budget holidaymakers to luxury holiday seekers.

3) Water Sports

Being beach destinations, these islands are the best places to indulge in thrilling water sports and mesmerizing sea adventures. From snorkelling and wind surfing, to glass boat rides and fishing trips, there are loads of water sports as well as other activities to enjoy on all inclusive Indian Ocean holidays.

4) Food

A good holiday should always have good food. Tropical islands are ideal holiday destinations for anyone who loves a good variety in food, especially sea food. Plus, there is plenty of delicious local cuisine to enjoy in and around the resorts.

5) Relaxation

The only way you can enjoy some solitude and relax completely is when you go away from the hustle-bustle of city life. Tropical holiday destinations offer an exceptional chance of pure relaxation thanks to the many rejuvenating facilities available at the resorts that are often located on secluded beach fronts and lagoons, giving you some much deserved privacy.

etween the turquoise blue water and the spectacular coral reefs lie islands so intriguing they boast some of the high tourist numbers of the islands in the world. 5 Main Islands are the product of the Indian Ocean. They are in no particular order Mauritius, Maldives, Seychelles, Mombasa and Zanzibar.
White sandy beaches offer lazy days in the sun. A True beach holiday is the Indian Ocean islands.

Islands highlights:


East of the African continent lies Mauritius, the island of Love. Popular for a variety of hotels and offer excellent value for money and perfect for honeymooners and weddings. Only 4 hour flight from South Africa and no visas are needed by South-Africans. At present no Inoculations or malaria precautions are needed which make it an easy affordable destination for South-African families and couples.

Mauritius resorts boast some of the biggest variety water sports between the islands which are a must on any beach holiday and most are included in packaged deals.
Mauritius accommodation is mostly hotel style or beach villas.


North East of the African continent approximately 9 hours direct flight to the islands of Maldives. Maldives consist of Atolls which make up the separate islands. Most resorts are positioned on their own island which makes it a truly unique experience. Some of the best diving sites are in the Maldives and because of the remote location and protected reefs Maldives are generally more expensive than Mauritius.

Accommodation in the Maldives range from Beach Bungalows to Water Villas that are built on stilts in the water.


Seychelles are uniquely different to all the islands. Flights from South Africa are approximately 5 hours. Protecting the coral reefs Seychelles have enforced limited number of hotels to its islands. Only 16 of the 115 islands offer accommodation of which only 3 offers more than one hotel – Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Limiting the amount of people that can visit these islands ensures no overcrowded beaches. This however does come at a price and Seychelles are more expensive than Mauritius.


Across its mainland Tanzania lays the island of Zanzibar also called Unguja. This island offers are real rustic beach holiday. Luscious palms to old city (Stone Town) tours everything is offered in Zanzibar. Flight time from South Africa is 4 hours. A yellow fever inoculation for South Africans, Malaria precautions and a tourist visa to be paid for is some of the requirements to visit. Resorts are excellent and offers fine dining and great variety. Traditional shows and warm tropical water promises a great holiday or honeymoon.


Mombasa is just off the coast of Kenya, connected to the mainland by two deepwater harbors and about 5 hours flight from South Africa.

Ideal to combine a beach holiday and safari adventure as Kenya offers truly great parks.
Reasonably priced with a variety of resorts Mombasa is a great holiday escape. A yellow fever inoculation and vaccination against cholera for South Africans and Malaria precautions are the requirements to visit.

The Indian Ocean islands are a must for your next holiday or that once in a lifetime special honeymoon

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